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Lelo Sex Toys & Vibrators

LELO Beads Kegel Balls for Women

Strengthen your pelvic floor and enhance your intimate experiences with the LELO Beads Plus, the ultimate Kegel balls for women. This premium set includes four weighted balls and a sleek silicone holder, offering a variety of strength training combinations to suit your needs. The progressive weights, ranging from 30g to 75g, allow you to gradually increase the intensity of your Kegel exercises, leading to stronger orgasms, improved bladder control, and heightened sexual pleasure. The body-safe, ultra-smooth silicone and ergonomic design ensure comfortable insertion and easy removal, thanks to the convenient retrieval string. Elevate your intimate well-being and discover the benefits of regular Kegel training with the LELO Beads Plus.

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LELO Beads Kegel Balls for Women