Anti-Violence & Criminal Justice

Summons Reform: In 2016, the Council passed the Criminal Justice Reform Act to reduce low-level offenses and the law recently took effect in June 2017. Asset Forfeiture: In 2016, the Council held a hearing to ensure due process, transparency and accountability around property seized during the course of an arrest and civil forfeiture. The bill …READ MORE


School Safety: The NYPD School Safety Division will assess which schools may be ready to have their metal detectors removed and will follow up with a report to the Council. The Memorandum of Understanding of policies and protocols within NYPD and Department of Education and promote de-escalation are currently in progress. Working towards ending zero …READ MORE

Community Support & Opportunity

The Council ensured the newly appointed Supportive Housing Task Force prioritized the complex housing needs of runaway/homeless youth (RHY). In January of this year, Administration confirmed that youth in the RHY system will be eligible for new supportive housing units.

Economic Workforce Development

In 2015 the Council passed legislation to create an Office of Labor Standards at the Department of Consumer Affairs. The Council and the Administration invested $100 million towards a significant expansion of DYCD’s Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) to a year-round employment program that includes a summer job, 60,000 SYEP placements and an additional 6,000 …READ MORE


The Council and the Administration will allocate $4 million to support the Nurse-Family Partnership® (NFP), a proven model for better birth outcomes. The Council provided $800,000 to providers to create a dedicated fund for access to contraceptives, including long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs) that incorporate culturally relevant counseling, focus on patient choice, and integrate age and …READ MORE

Overall Recommendations

Overall Recommendations: In FY18, the City Council committed $5 million for 11 key YWI designations, eight of which are designated to community-based organizations (CBOs), and three are directly allocated to City agencies. Improving Data Collection:  The Council passed legislation to collect disaggregated data on sexuality and gender identity, the Asian Pacific American community, and multiracial …READ MORE