Improving Data Collection: 

  • In October of 2016 the Council passed legislation to collect disaggregated data on sexuality and gender identity, the Asian Pacific American community, and multiracial New Yorkers.
  • The Council will pass legislation ensuring all City agencies collect information necessary to conduct government operations and deliver City services, and impose strict guidelines as to what data the City will disclose to federal officials.
  • The Council committed $10 million over two years to fund recommendations from the YWI working group.
  • The actual investment in FY17 significantly exceeded this commitment because many recommendations overlapped with broad Council funding priorities.

Require City agencies to appoint a Gender Equity Liaison:

  • In FY17, the Council allocated $500K to Department of Education, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Department of Youth and Community Development, Housing Preservation and Development, and Human Resource Administration, with each agency receiving $100K.