School Safety:

  • The NYPD School Safety Division will assess which schools may be ready to have their metal detectors removed and will follow up with a report to the Council.
  • The Memorandum of Understanding of policies and protocols within NYPD and Department of Education and promote de-escalation are currently in progress.

Working towards ending zero tolerance policies:

  • The DOE has recently made changes to its  discipline code and the Council is tracking results.

Promoting Culturally Responsive Education and Encouraging Tolerance:

  • As outlined in her State of the City address, the Speaker indicated the Council would commit to expand the Critically Conscious Educators Rising Series, offering professional development on culturally responsive education, to approximately 360 educators in 180 public schools who will examine privilege, racism, and classism as those concepts relate to education, and develop strategies to make their lessons culturally responsive.
  • The Council will support new teachers by collaborating with Border Crossers, an organization that provides training focused on discussion on race in the classroom and unconscious bias.
  • The Council passed a resolution calling upon New York State to convene a task force to assess the cultural relevance of State learning standards across subject areas in elementary, middle, and high school, and explore the grounding of standards in core content that challenges racism, ableism, sexism, and is LGB and TGNC-affirming.

Comprehensive Sexual and Reproductive Health:

  • The Council will work to pass legislation creating a task force to review the current recommended sexual education curriculum and the implementation of sexual health education in New York City schools, and to make recommendations for improvement and expansion of appropriate sexual health education for all students in all grades.
  • The Council will pass a resolution calling upon New York State to pass the Reproductive Health Act