Summons Reform:

Asset Forfeiture:

  • In 2016, the Council held a hearing to ensure due process, transparency and accountability around property seized during the course of an arrest and civil forfeiture. The bill is currently being negotiated.

Rikers Reform:

  • The Council is currently working towards reducing pretrial detention rates, exploring the transition of young women into community-based detention facilities and creating a community justice model with a view towards closing Rikers Island.

Mandatory Arrest Policies:

  • The Administration has convened a task force on domestic violence which includes the NYPD to reduce criminalization of survivors and to review mandatory arrest policies in the context of responses to domestic violence.
  • The Council provided $250,000 to providers to work with the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice to expand diversion programs.
  • The Council allocated $225,000 to the Prevent Sexual Assault Initiative (PSA) to support prevention and intervention services designed to end the commercial sexual exploitation of cis and transgender young women and LGB youth, and connecting survivors to safety, justice and opportunities.
  • The Council provided $35,000 to each District Attorney, for a total of $175,000 to reduce criminalization of survivors of violence and sponsor frequent Begin Again programs to clear up summons warrants.
  • The Council provided $230,000 to six organizations to improve responses to immigrant women (survivors of violence?) who have been victims of violence.
  • The Council allocated $25,000 to two organizations to focus on community-based mediation, peer support and bystander intervention programs for young survivors of violence.
  • The Council provided $250,000 to expand the NYC Relationship Abuse Prevention Program (RAPP).

Support True Diversion Programs:

  • The Council will work with District Attorneys in Brooklyn and Staten Island to create Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) programs, allowing the NYPD to redirect low-level drug offenders to support and treatment services, instead of jail and prosecution.

Clear Low-Level, Non-Violent Summons Warrants:

  • The Council will work with District Attorneys in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan and Queens to clear low-level, non-violent summons warrants that are ten years or older.

Integrating an Equity Lens in Government Decision-Making:

  • The Council will pass legislation to require certain City agencies to like Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to complete racial and gender assessments of their services, programs, employment and contracting practices, and budgeting.
  • The Council will pass legislation to require certain city agencies to set racial and gender equity goals and develop action plans to achieve these goals.
  • The Council will create a racial and gender equity committee that will advise the City on gender equity assessments and the development and implementation of racial and gender equity action plans.
  • The Council will require certain city agencies to provide equity training, focusing on implicit bias, structural racism, cultural competency and gender inequity, and on how these factors impact their work.